How Many Car Accidents Does the Average Person Have?

Every year more than 38,000 Americans die in car accidents. While this makes traffic accidents one of the leading causes of death in the country, it doesn’t tell the whole story. In fact, a car accident with a fatality is fairly rare compared to the millions of accidents that occur each year.

Studies have shown that only about 3 out of 1000 accidents involve the death of a driver or passenger. If you are in an accident, you are far more likely to be injured or suffer property damage, both of which can still be costly.

This brings us to the issue of how many car accidents the average person will have in their lifetime. The answer to that question comes from an industry that has a very large interest in car accidents: the insurance industry.

The Average Person Will Have A Car Accident Every 18 Years

Because insurance companies are interested in making profits, they want to know how much their customers are going to cost them on average. To figure that out, they have complex algorithms and formulas that determine how many accidents a driver will have in their lives.

On average, that number equates to one accident every 18 years. If the average driver drives from the age of 16 into their 80s, they will get into three or four accidents over the course of their driving years.

Of course, those accidents will vary in severity. Some might cost very little, while others could be very expensive. Your insurance company, however, doesn’t pay for them. You do. Your insurance company charges you a certain amount each year in the form of premiums. Over the course of your life, you will pay enough in premiums to cover the cost of your accidents and pay the insurance agents their sizable wages.

Ways to Avoid Accidents

Even though you are paying ahead of time for your accidents, it is still preferable to avoid them altogether. Even if things like road conditions and weather are out of your control, there are plenty of factors you can take charge of to avoid a crash.

Some of the most effective ways to avoid an accident include:

  • Not drinking and driving
  • Not using your cellphone while driving
  • Obeying the posted speed limit
  • Avoid driving late at night

If you can avoid the averages and even lower your average number of accidents from four to three or from three to two, it will do a lot to your peace of mind. It will also go a long way to keeping you and your family safe.

What to Do if You Are in an Accident

As noted above, it is almost inevitable that you will be in at least one accident at some point in your life. What matters most is what you do when the time comes. First, you should seek medical care. You should also notify the authorities of the accident.

After you have done both of those things, you should consider contacting a personal injury lawyer. A good lawyer will help assess your case and interact with the insurance company on your behalf.

Because insurance companies have an interest in keeping payouts and settlements as low as possible, they will do whatever they can to get you to settle your claim as quickly and cheaply as possible. You should know that their initial offer is the least amount of money they are willing to pay.

With the help of a skilled personal injury lawyer, you can maximize the compensation you receive so that you can get your life back to normal after an accident.


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