Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

Car accidents happen for many reasons. From near-miss fender benders to big multi-car pileups, each crash has a cause. Most times, human error is to blame. Knowing why accidents happen can help you spot dangers and drive safely. If you are in an accident, a car accident attorney can guide you. They help protect your […] Read more

Why Should You Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

It can be tempting to handle your own car accident claim, especially when it seems like the insurance company is working with you to settle quickly. Don’t forget that the insurance company is not on your side. They will use anything you say against you and offer the smallest settlement possible. The insurance company knows […] Read more

Suing a Hospital for Medical Malpractice? Here’s What You Need To Know

Individuals entrust hospitals and medical providers with our health each day. Unfortunately, that trust is shattered for some individuals when they are the victims of medical malpractice and negligence. If a hospital’s negligence has injured you or a family member, you may receive compensation for your injuries and damages under medical malpractice laws. Malpractice occurs […] Read more

How Car Crashes Result in Criminal and Civil Cases

Most car crashes result in civil cases. However, car accidents can also result in criminal charges. If you cause a car accident and injure another person, you could face financial penalties in civil court. You could also face charges in criminal court if your conduct in causing the accident broke the law. An experienced defense […] Read more

Are You Suffering From PTSD After A Car Crash?

Being in a car accident is traumatic. There are many types of car accident injuries including those that cause lasting emotional and mental trauma. In fact, a 2019 psychiatric study revealed that almost half of car accident survivors develop PTSD. PTSD can be confusing and hard to identify. Car accident survivors may not be aware […] Read more

What Details Should Be Exchanged Between Drivers After a Car Accident?

In the aftermath of a car accident, many people are stunned and unsure of what to do next. Even if you aren’t injured, you’re likely worried about property damage, insurance claims, and whether the other driver will be cooperative. If you are injured, it adds an extra layer of stress. Taking the proper steps after […] Read more

5 Common Causes of Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming pools are ubiquitous throughout most of California, and for good reason. The state has year-round sunny weather and moderate temperatures that lend themselves to all sorts of outdoor activities. Whether it’s a community pool or a private pool within a family home, you’re never too far away from a body of water to enjoy […] Read more

Suffering a Ruptured Spleen in a Bike Accident Is Serious 

Riding your bike is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint on your commute, get exercise, or enjoy a different way of getting around Bakersfield, CA. The city has nice weather year-round, so seeing cyclists on the roads isn’t uncommon. If you ride your bike, whether it’s your preferred way of getting around or […] Read more

What Makes a Good Personal Injury Lawyer?

Choosing the right personal injury lawyer to represent you can be confusing. The chances are, you’ve never had to hire a lawyer before. And even if you have, the chances are even lower that you’ve previously hired a personal injury lawyer. So, how do you make the best choice? There are many things to consider […] Read more

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