Los Angeles, Atlanta Home to Some of the Nation’s Deadliest Highways

According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, drivers nationwide face a significant risk of being involved in a deadly car crash.  And while traffic fatalities span rural and city streets alike, Los Angeles and Atlanta are home to some of the nation’s deadliest highways.

You may wonder how these two cities rival one another in deadly highway wrecks? Are these cities’ drivers worse than in other parts of the country?

From Atlanta to Los Angeles, personal injury attorneys across the nation will tell you that’s not the case. With years of experience handling deadly car accident lawsuits, personal injury lawyers want you to understand highway crashes so you can avoid being next.

Atlanta and Los Angeles Deadly Highway Crash Statistics

Atlanta and Los Angeles are bustling metropolitan areas boasting attractive lifestyles to residents. But the two are significantly different in population. So how is it that these two cities’ highways are among the deadliest in the nation?

The answer rests in examining the cities’ percentage of fatal car crashes to the population and the total number of roadway fatalities.

As recently as 2018, Atlanta outpaced Los Angeles in the percentage of fatal crashes to the population.

With a population of just under 500,000 people, the car accident fatality rate in Atlanta was reported at 12.25 car accident fatalities per 100.000 people.

In contrast, Los Angeles with its nearly 4 million residents, registered a rate of 6.84 car wreck fatalities per 100.000 people. LA city ranked second nationwide in total vehicle fatalities, second only to New York.

Regardless of where you live, highway car accidents are bound to happen, and it’s important to understand why.

Why Are Georgia and Southern California Highways so Dangerous?

Most states, including California and Georgia, have implemented traffic safety laws, speed limits, and motorcycle helmet laws to reduce car accident fatalities. Yet, increased traffic coupled with distracted motorists often results in deadly vehicle collisions.

Passenger cars, commercial trucks, and motorcyclists are sharing the road with increased frequency. Gone are the days when big-rigs traveled the interstates at night, and commuter vehicles occupied local highways during the day.

With everyone now sharing the road at the same time, here are three causes of deadly car crashes that top the list:

  • Speeding

While speeding-related deaths have dropped in recent years, speeding remains a prevalent factor in fatal traffic collisions.  Speeding has consistently ranked as a prime factor in roughly one-third of all vehicle crashes for the past two decades.

  • Impaired Driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs remains a leading factor in car accident fatalities every year. NHTSA statistics correlate driving while impaired to nearly 37,000 deaths annually. Impaired driving is a common cause of commercial truck accidents. This is because drivers are often forced to drive long hours to meet tight schedules.

  • Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has increased with the use of technology while behind the wheel. Cell phones and GPS navigating systems divert drivers’ attention from the roadway just long enough to cause or become victims of an accident.

Busy commuters and commercial truckers are on the road for long stretches of time, making it easier to succumb to speeding, using drugs to stay awake, or transforming cars into offices-on-the-go.

However, as tempting as it may seem to give yourself an edge by violating the speed limit, through a drug pick-me-up, or multitasking during commute time, don’t do it. Impairment and distraction affect your ability to recognize and react to road hazards and safely maneuver around other vehicles.

Suffering the Effects of a Deadly Highway Accident

Regardless of the cause of a high-traffic accident, the end result is significant property damage and personal injury, sometimes even wrongful death.

For victims who survive a crash, trying to recover emotionally, physically, and financially can be overwhelming. And, for those who have lost loved ones to highway fatalities, the loss can severely cripple the emotional and financial stability of the family.

Those found negligent and at-fault for the accident will face repercussions for their role in the accident. They can be held legally accountable and may face criminal charges leading to incarceration, or civil penalties such as financial restitution to victims.

All motorists have a responsibility to themselves and each other to be vigilant and operate safely when driving.

Staying Safe on Atlanta and Los Angeles Highways

Setting out on the road for daily activities or long-distance road trips doesn’t have to be a life-threatening experience. Even in busy cities like Atlanta and Los Angeles, most drivers enjoy business and leisure travel without issue.

Paying attention to traffic safety laws and drivers around you can make a significant difference to your safety.  Obey speed limits, drive sober, and remain focused on the road to anticipate, react, and avoid deadly highway pile-ups.

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